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Thanks for informing me of your update! Beautiful work! Especially #B0008. OUCH! A finger chopper. 🙂 Nevertheless, a very nice piece. I recently bought one of your Balisongs as a gift for my brother, (he's very well skilled in the handling of these blades), he treasures it! Once he loosened it up, he was all over the place with that thing. I am a collector myself, though not as skilled as my brother in the arts, the Balisong is a primary piece in my collection. And as far as my collection of Balisongs goes, you guys have the most quality pieces I've ever seen. I am definitely going to buy one for myself, as I am jealous of my brother for the knife I got him from you guys for his birthday! 🙂 Thnx, much!"

-- P Huerta


"Thank you very much ,for checking in and letting me know,I recieved my order today though,but its the thought that counts! I'am very happy with the quality of the knife and I commend you and youre craftsmen. To my knowledge youre website is the only one on the net that actually sells real balisongs and not foreign knockoffs"

-- D Cavanaugh


"The Lolo arrived safe and sound.., thanks so much. Some nice wood on that piece! Holy [Mother-of-God] that's a big sucker! 🙂 I didn't get a chance to check the shipping weight of that guy yet.., but man it's heavy! Very nicely done! Appreciate the time and effort to make that work out. I think I'll have to reinforce the foundation of my house to put that thing on the wall... :)"

-- Pete Jonston, (aka. EXAMONLYF )

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