Dear Friends:

In 1998 was launched. An online store devoted to selling original Filipino handmade (FHM ) balisong knives which is part of my people’s culture. Over the past 17 years, our passion for creating and showing FHM balisongs to the world grew and grew.   However in this past 2 years there has been a big decline in producing these beautiful knives.   Many of our traditional balisong craftsmen have retired or passed away.  It is sad to note that the younger generations are not interested in getting into continuing the craft. Recently we have received a notice from our credit card merchant that they could no longer service us due to the recent changes in their company policy. Due to this circumstances, we find it no longer substantial to continue the business and have decided to permanently close  We plan to pursue other business interests that we have set aside for many years.  It is our hope that you, our friends and colleagues, will understand our decision and will stand by us as we go through this process.

To all our recent customers who bought knives from us, be assured that your orders have been shipped and will be arriving soon.  You could e-mail us at for the tracking info or status.

Thank you for your support over the years.


Cuffs Trading

Francisco C. Palacio
Sole Proprietor